Benefits and Features of McAfee Total Protection 2011

The report was designed just for informational functions. The information covers benefits pertaining to McAfee Total Protection 2011, an award-winning security package from McAfee for computer and online security. McAfee is rated as one of the major vendors of the security programs. The business has been catering to clients’ PC security demands for years using its broad assortment of merchandise such as McAfee AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection, WaveSecure, SiteAdvisor Android Edition, along with Family Protection Android Edition amongst many others.

The hottest McAfee Total Protection 2011 adds yet another feather to the cover of McAfee’s famous and longstanding history. Below is the listing of All of the benefits and characteristics of this package: Benefits & Features: Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware: The package provides exceptional dual protection against both spyware and viruses via its Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware engine. Aside from those, the package detects and removes malware, spyware, and even rootkits that interfere with your computer. Firewall: The package incorporates a Two-Way firewall defense meant for keeping unauthorized or hackers users from getting on your computer.

McAfee Active Security technology: This technology provides real-time and instantaneous protection against new in addition to regular growing dangers. This basically ensures that there’s no digital difference between your computer and the package. The technology stops and eliminates these threats without needing one to await the most recent upgrades to be downloaded and installed onto your computer.

Easy-to-Use Interface: You do not have to be a computer programmer to get the hang of what. The package integrates a very simple interface a typical user may utilize and navigate to distinct capabilities. You are able to schedule your scan period plus timer without forfeiting tools in addition to time. McAfee SiteAdvisor: This application launches alarms about the sites, which could attempt to steal sensitive information like private, identity, email address, and banking, etc..

The tool provides website evaluations on 22 search engine results. This basically means that you may decide which site to see and not. Anti-Spam & Mail Security: The package provides exceptional protection from junk mails and safeguards your email accounts from spammy emails. Lighting on Resources: The package is quite mild on computer resources. It supports Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32bit and 64bit), along with Windows XP SP2 or greater (32bit).

It merely takes 1GHz or greater processor, 512MB or greater RAM for Windows XP, 800×600 or better resolution, 400MB free space on the hard disk, 2GB RAM or more for Windows 7 or Vista, along with also an active internet connection. Browser Service: The package supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher version), Google Chrome (6.0 or greater ), and also Mozilla Firefox (3.5 or greater ) to get anti-phishing.

Miscellaneous tools: McAfee QuickClean clears all of the crap files, which may cause your computer to slow down or execute slow. McAfee Disc Defragmenter arranges the fragmented information into folders and files. McAfee Shredder deletes all of the unnecessary files which are needed no more. Assistance and Service: McAfee has created many applications on the online service center. It is possible to search the database and then solve common problems all on your own. Consequently, you do not have to devote your time and money on calling McAfee technical assistance service for common issues.

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