Contactless is hot right now but how will wearable payment interactions look like in five years time?

It is seldom that people feel an emotional connection to a bank card. The three concepts – Budgeteer, Small Change and Thread are emotional, useful and social tech payments that explore wearable tech experiences, payment issues of concern, they express personal identity and provide small everyday pleasures.
Designers: Marta Monge, Maxime Moreaux, Gareth Ladley, Marina Mellado and Bronka de Sage.
Creative Director: Silas Grant, Programme Director : Nick Rhodes


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 09.45.36concept video

Budgeteer is a contactless payment device attached to the wrist. When a payment is made, you make one of three hand gestures to allocate the expense to one of three categories – for instance, ‘home’, ‘work’ and ‘me’. Creating a new system of categorized purchases that helps to allocate your expenses. Through Myo sensor technology, the device recognises the gesture and the system highlights transactions in three different colours on your online statements.


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Small Change


concept video Bronka de Sage, Gareth Ladley

´´ In 2020, cash will still account for a third of all transactions and right now, there are 28 billion coins in circulation in the UK alone. We are in a period of transition and it will take time to make the leap to digital money.“In 2020, we can receive our ‘change’ via a Small Change device instead of physical coins. This transitional object is loaded up with digital money and will help our future selves to manage small amounts of money from in-store payments. An e-ink display shows a progress dial of the funds available.




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Thread is a contactless payment device aimed at the fashion conscious community – it has a removable part with a biometric finger vein scanner to take care of the payments in store.The smart brooch keeps a record of clothes purchases and brands. When a passerby sees the trendsetting shopper wearing a Thread wearable they can scan them via a smartphone camera and app to find out where their purchases are from


aaaaaThread_004 copyconcept video

“It is turning the street into a living catwalk and living Pinterest,” Rhodes explained. “Thread amplifies what we are already getting in the digital space with services like Pinterest and Instagram. So there’s value in that for the observer. There’s massive value in that for brands who are selling clothes because then every moment is an advertising opportunity. And for the wearer they can accrue credits, or loyalty scheme points by that means in return for discounts, VIP tickets, private views. So the more they get seen, the more they get checked out, the better it is. The business proposition is really strong here.”