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VEGGA Is a suspended in mid air automatic hydroponic irrigation system. It allows you to harvest your own plants at home in a very smart and interactive way.

This project is targeted at all those who like to look after the environment, those who love cooking with healthy food grown in a very traditional and, at the same time innovative way. VEGGA is built with the most innovative systems such as 3d printers or CNC milling machines and intended to be made out of recyclable plastic (PET) and lacquered with natural and eco-friendly white paints. Its pieces would be produced from four injection plastic molds, which compound the main components of the vertical garden ; inner pot, outer pot, tank and bottom part, where the air pump is located.

In other to improve its functionality, each pot contains ceramic pellets and nutrients so that we will grow plants and herbs comfortably , and every element of the whole design is completely movable from the centrepiece, which is an almost invisible wire .

Made during bachelor studies at Academy of Fine arts in Gdansk







 How does it work ?

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Design process



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