Response: Obok, Design Against Crime London

Crime, by definition, is illegal, and so is very hard to measure. Police figures generally undercount crime substantially and can be extremely misleading. However, these are usually the only available way to gauge local crime.Obok is a scentsory device that connects to your mobile phone and recognises your position. When you walk through areas with hick pickpocketing theft risk in London, Obok releases black pepper scent that gently mobilises your kidney glands and activates your senses.

Central Saint Martins. MA Industrial Design


People remove their headphones when there is  a high level of information input, When they cross the road, when they stop to check the train arrivals, when they are shopping… The users confirm it is because they want to be aware of what is around them when they are not moving. They feel more vulnerable.

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Dreamscaping and Design Improvisation

How can I design a headset that creates a higher state of awareness? Where is it really appropriate to create an state of awareness?

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Design Language


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Phone Interface

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