It is a pleasure to announce that LUZ is back to the place it was created. ASP in Gdansk.

Jaroslaw Szymanski and Jacek Ryn have curated a great exhibition in the recently renovated Great Armoury in Gdansk.

In this exhibition different product designers, Students and professionals are showcasing design works until the 17th of April that have created cultural economy and resonance within the Academy of Arts, Gdansk and Pomorskie region in Poland

Some of the designers who have taken place in this project are Studio 1:1 , Razy2, Studio Tabanda, Alicia Wianecka or Ola Mor between other professionals.


wernisaz_odzialywanie_ (121)

wernisaz_odzialywanie_ (120)

IMG_8291wernisaz_odzialywanie_ (102)

Images courtesy of Jaroslaw Szymanski and Bartosz Żukowski .

Thank you very much to the curators and to Academia Stuck Pieknych w Gdansku for giving me this opportunity.

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